PostHeaderIcon Where can I buy cigarettes cheap?

My friends often ask me this question: Where can I buy cigarettes cheap? My answer to this is the best place to buy cheap cigarettes without compromising on quality is the internet. There are a number of sites that offer bulk purchase of cigarettes for a fraction of the retail store’s price. There are three important factors that you have to take into consideration before buying cigarettes online.

Buy Cigarettes Cheap

The first one is the cost. There are many websites that offer original brands and generic versions obtained from other countries where taxation on cigarettes and other tobacco products are much less. For example, some sites sell brands like Marlboro, Camel, Benson and Hedge, Winston, Pall Mall and even Parliament. Marlboro lights (gold) with filter that is Swiss made costs close to $300 for a 6 carton box. The same Marlboro brand gold cigarettes with filter costs $20 per carton. This is for the American manufactured version. Parliament cigarettes of lights aqua blue category is charged at $24.70 per carton and Virginia smalls super slims blue cigarettes costs $20.80 per carton, whereas the same brand costs $19 per carton in few other sites. As shown in the above examples, different brands are priced differently in each site. There are even sites that help you compare the prices of brands across different sites. So cost of the brand and variant which you are going to purchase is very important. Be sure of your budget and find a quality site which provides cigarettes at the rate you want.

The next factor is the quality of the cigarettes. Before buying cigarettes from online stores you should first find out where the cigarettes are manufactured. Some countries are famous for the cigarettes they make and if the sites offers products from these countries then you can be order your favorite cigarette at once. Do not forget the taste and the strength of these cigarettes may be different from the ones you bought from the local stores.

The third important factor is not just one element, it’s few elements put together like the order processing time, the delivery period, the various payment options they provide, the type of cigarette information they provide, and finally the quality of customer service they offer.